Retraction Policy

Commitment to Academic Integrity

Urban Eidos is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity and scholarly excellence. We recognize the importance of correcting the scholarly record when necessary to maintain the trust and accuracy that our readers, authors, and the academic community expect from us.

Reporting Concerns

We encourage anyone who has concerns about the integrity or veracity of work published in Urban Eidos to contact the Editors-in-Chief directly. Concerns may include, but are not limited to, potential instances of plagiarism, data fabrication, unethical research practices, or other forms of academic misconduct.

Please direct your concerns to with a detailed description of the issue. We assure you that all communications will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

Initial Assessment

Upon receipt of a concern, the Editors-in-Chief will conduct a preliminary assessment to determine the validity of the claim. This initial step is crucial to ensure that allegations are substantive and warrant further investigation.


Should the preliminary assessment validate the need for a more in-depth investigation, the Editors-in-Chief will initiate a formal inquiry. This process may involve consultation with experts, including members of our Editorial Board, and, when necessary, external specialists in the relevant field.

Throughout the investigation, Urban Eidos is committed to adhering to the principles of fairness, confidentiality, and respect for all involved parties.

Retraction and Correction

In cases where academic misconduct or a significant error is confirmed, Urban Eidos will take appropriate action. This may include the retraction of the article or the publication of a correction or erratum.

A retraction notice will be published and linked to the original article, clearly explaining the reason for the retraction and maintaining the integrity of the academic record. Retracted articles will remain in the online archive, marked clearly as retracted.


Urban Eidos is committed to transparency in the correction of the scholarly record. Retraction notices will be clear, concise, and accessible to all readers, ensuring that the reasons for retraction are understood by the academic community and the public.